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Pay & Leave Claim Decisions


Declination of Reasonable Offer Appeals Overview

This site contains decisions we have issued since July 1, 1996, under § 5366 of title 5, United States Code (U.S.C.)  (declination of reasonable offer appeals).  An appeal under 5 U.S.C. § 5366 provides a means by which a Federal civilian employee can contest the termination of retained grade (5 U.S.C. § 5362) or retained pay (5 U.S.C. § 5363) if the employee believes he or she has not been given "a reasonable offer of a position the grade or pay of which was equal to or greater than his retained grade or pay."

Regulations covering these appeals can be found in § 536.402 of title 5, Code of Federal Regulations. Information on where to submit these appeals can be found on our contact page. They are the same addresses as those used to submit position classification and job grading appeals.

Some information within these documents has been withheld from disclosure under the Privacy Act exemption to the Freedom of Information Act, primarily the name, address and other personal information related to the claimant. A [xxx ] symbol indicates where information has been withheld under this exemption.

All decisions since October 1, 1997, include the file number and date. Many decisions issued before that date may be undated.


Readers are advised that decisions listed on this page include those based on since superceded classifications standards.

0300 - General Administration, Clerical and Office Services
0326 Office Automation Clerical and Assistance
D-0326-04-01, 01/02/02 Appeal denied
0335 Computer Clerk and Assistant
D-0335-08-01, 02/23/01 Appeal denied

OPM decision numbers. An OPM decision number identifies decisions. The 12-character decision number is made up of D (for declination of reasonable offer appeal), 4 digits for the OPM-certified occupational series of the position, 2 digits for the OPM-certified grade of the position, and 2 digits for the number of the decision for that particular series and grade.

For example, the decision number D-0802-11-02 indicates that it is a declination of reasonable offer appeal decision for a position in the 0802 Engineering Technician occupational series at the grade 11 level and is the second decision certifying that a position is a GS-802-11 Engineering Technician.

You must file a classification or job grading appeal in writing.
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